Resolution. Novel.

(Original title: Auflösung. Eine Spurensuche. Translated into English by Marie Speigner, MA)

A contemporary novel against the background of Operation Anthropoid: The assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, the "Butcher of Prague," during World War II. On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of this outstanding act of resistance against the Nazis in 1942 published in English in 2017.

Prague in the spring of 1942. German troops have marched in; the people are oppressed by violence and despotism. Seven young men are on the run after an unprecedented act of resistance. They die in their apparently safe hideout. Who has betrayed them? 
Vienna, summer, more than half a century later. In her search for clues, Anna, a reporter, enters into a bloody past. What really happened at that time in former Czechoslovakia? And what is the role of the old man who lured her to Prague with an obscure job offer? 
A novel about the power of the past, the courage for self-discovery, and the meaning of love. A story full of suspense and poetry. 

The assassination of Reinhard Heydrich was marked by absurd failures and bizarre incidents. As it was the only successful assassination attempt on one of the rulers of the Third Reich, it holds a special position in history. 

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The Mistress, the Husband, His Wife and the Two Sons. Novel.

(Original title: Die Geliebte, der Mann, dessen Frau und die zwei Söhne. Translated into English by Marie Speigner, MA)

A Tale about the End of Time.

Time: more than a physical quantity.
The flow of time: a mystery for physicists and philosophers alike. 

Fanny is neither a physicist nor a philosopher. Fanny is unique. The only one of her kind. In an era beyond our history, in an era of myths and mystery, it came to pass that only a few people mastered the art of defying time. After many centuries that have passed since these times, there is only one left who has mastered this art. And whether she is worthy of this art is not at issue here. 
Nikolaus loves Sylvie. Sylvie loves Maximilian and Ritz and Nikolaus. And Ritz, as he calls himself, loves the beautiful Anette. And Fanny? She loves Nikolaus. And Max. Fanny loves everyone and everyone loves Fanny. Above all else, however, Fanny loves the physical quantity of time. A tragic love, as we shall see. "Panta rhei", Fanny quotes Heraclitus, "everything flows". And by this she means time, the events within time, and possibly even more. 
A narrative that asks many questions and provides many answers. Yet not to the questions it poses. 

Awarded with the Theodor Körner Prize for literature. 

(available in print or e-book

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